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I am excited to present my massage & bodywork practice to a wider audience. I have been developing skilled and intelligent hands. 

Most recently, I have been studying Body-Mind Centering®.  This perspective, developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and all who have studied with her, includes principles to bring us closer to an awareness of our flexibility, ease, strength and vitality. My particular emphasis is in Embodied Anatomy and Yoga ('15).  I'm a Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME '17), Certified Clinical Herbalist (CCH '00), Licensed Massage Therapis (LMT '95), and a Health Educator (Master's degree '90)

By exploring movement patterns of our muscles, bones and tendons, for example, we can begin to go into deeper layers, sensing our circulation, our organs, even our cells. We may find new ways to experience health and well-being.


I invite you to start your journey with One Hour of Bodywork ($65.)  or

One and a half hours ($90.) or

Explore in a Class with others ($40. - $90./class).

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Please call, text or email for an appointment and to find out about more classes:   541.337.4726

Email: wendy.loren@rocketmail.com

Thank you!

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